Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Attitude: the Ultimate Form of Alchemy

Attitude and perspective, in my experience, account for my mode of living, more than anything else.  Maybe it's obvious -- but if you have a positive outlook, and feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, your decisions come easier, and the borders around your path through life are crisper and more defined.  Mmm, I love me some crispy borders.

There are things I have to do to keep up my attitude.  Some of these things I've neglected for a very long time.  Without them, I flounder like a wild, floundering thing.  Some of these things are very specific -- I have to be writing, I have to be exercising in various ways (resistance, aerobics, martial arts, meditation), and I have to be listening to and performing music.  If I'm ever feeling unhappy, eventually (you'd think it would happen automatically at this point) I go down the checklist.  Am I writing?  Exercising?  Jamming out?  No?  Well, that's an easy fix.

Some of my essential items are more intangible.  I have to feel active, and I have to feel useful, for example.  If I don't have a busy schedule, it's harder for me to be content.  But if I have a busy schedule, and my business is superficial and not allowing me to feel useful, I feel even more dissatisfied.  These are the things I've figured out and saved on my mental hard drive, to pull up now and again when I need to perform some serious self-analysis.  Finding your things is important, because it allows you to have more control over your behavior, and overall destiny.  I prefer to regulate my own subconscious, or at least do as best I can, and not have it regulate me.

Today, I feel fantastic.  I've accomplished a thousand things (in my head, because in reality, it's more like 3 major things), and I have a thousand more on the agenda.  In fact, I'm using this blog post to distract myself from one of them.  Shit, I just said that out loud.  Oh well, back to finding my things, and nurturing my attitude.

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