Sunday, September 5, 2010

City Highlights (With a Twist)

I love New York City. It is truly the pinnacle of human society, complete with every pleasantry and pitfall one could expect to find. That being said, there are so many exciting and terrible things happening around every turn of the corner. The choices an individual faces on a given night can be literally overwhelming. I once had aspirations to review events and activities and market myself as a media guide. However, I quickly came to realize I don't possess the willpower to travel around and figure out which shithole bars are worth all the tea in china. With that said, there are some entertaining things in and about my fair city that I can point out. For example...

In my neighborhood in New York, there is an ice cream truck and an SUV that plays ice cream truck music. It's like a game show for little kids. What's behind door number two today, Bob? Oh no, creepy pedophile van! It's not an ice cream sandwich anymore. (Watch out, little Billy. Because he's the ice cream in the sandwich now).

This is the sort of thing that interests me about New York City. St. John the Divine is neat, South-Side Seaport is fun, Grant's Tomb is old and creepy, Central Park's castle is awe-inspiring. The buildings are glamorous, the concerts are grungy and hip, the bar scene is diverse, movies in the parks are serene, the museums and libraries here are the epicenter of knowledge. The sites and sounds are truly abundant and wondrous. None of this can be denied. But for me, the heart of this great city lies in an SUV that plays ice cream truck music.