Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let's Commiserate

Some days I almost forget that I survived a terminal illness.  Almost.

Inevitably, at some point during the day, I'll remember what I went through.  It's often triggered by the scar on my upper thigh.  I have two scars, but the one on my lower leg doesn't bother me much.  I can't say why the other one does -- there are several reasons, I think, but none of them easy to explain.  Some days it feels sore and acts up while I'm walking around or sitting a certain way.  It's hard to forget about something that causes you physical discomfort.

Tell me your least favorite thing about what cancer or another condition has done to your body.  Also, tell me if the scars ever heal -- physical or mental.  I struggle with a few particular things related to survivorship, and I want to know what other people think about, and what sort of questions or doubts everyone else obsesses over.  It would be nice for me to have an honest conversation about the kinds of things I worry about.  At the very least, so that I can admit them to myself.  And at best, so that someone can assure me that these things are real, and that it's okay to think about them.  

Maybe we can help each other.